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Our Production Areas
TUBE DYEINGLabarotuvary working for all quality of yarns FDY or texturized 1-10 kg sample tube dyeing and from 50 kgs to 2 tons of dyeing as one lot. Best fastness solutions with OEKOTEX CLASS 1 DETOX TO ZERO CERTIFICATE granted.
DIRECT TWIST /2FOR1From 160 tpm minimum to 1500 tpm maximum in both direction twisting and fixing both FDY and texturized qualities.
FANCY TWISTINGUsing the fancy yarn twisting machines; twisting and folding of different quality of yarns together.
WINDING / FOLDINGTo alternate the usage for different type of manufacturing we may wind or fold our products on several types of bobbins or copes.
INTERMINGLEEspecially used for narrow weavers and woven fabrics manufacturers we may gimp our yarns with using air in order to get a special effect.  
AIR GIMPINGEspecially used for circular knitters and woven fabrics manufacturers, we may gimp our yarns with spandex fiber by using air.
GIMPING WITH TWISTFor circular knitters or narrow weavers, we may twist our yarns on spandex fiber.
DIRECT WARPINGFor narrow weavers we may warp different qualities on 20 cms to 50 cms beams.
SECTIONAL WARPINGBy using FDY or texturized high twisted monofilament or intermingle yarns we may warp our yarns in order to supply for all woven appliances such as woven label production or for upholstery and so on.