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About Our Company


Our company that was founded in 2001, serves as a solution partner in all kinds of fabric production and textile accessories production.

Our main field of activity is the production, trade, import and export of all synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural fiber yarns, especially polyester.

Our operations that we carry out with pride at home and abroad; It is the basic building block of our philosophy that ensures our future with our disciplined, customer-oriented and innovative perspective.

Hoping to serve you, our valued business partners, for many more years…


Our Mission

These are the words may describe the best for our way of doing bussiness in our company. Customer-focused and disciplined working are our basic official methods at preparation of our products, which are planned very well to catch your requirements in optimum quality, price, service and delivery dates. Our main purpose is to be a solution center for our customers and even make them feel that we are an organic part of their own establishments.

Our Vision

Regarding the developments in technology and great changes in the World, we may describe what future will bring us in these three words: INNOVATION, INDIVIDUALITY AND RE-CYCLING. These are the three main concepts that have made and will make the main structure of our company.

However these three words bring us many advantages with some difficulties as well. Continuous innovation and renovation in products and production methods, using different materials and altering them according to individual requirements – which means boutique production methods in relatively small quantities than usual – and finally using environmentally-conscious or recycled materials in production can be described as the advantages and the difficulties we have to face with. Without any doubt we are skilled enough to develop ourselves consistently and experienced enough to get over these difficulties in great success.

Great support and directives of our dear customers and our disciplined studies in developing our production methods will be the main items that will carry us to the future all together.

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